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full animations
never done them before.
who ever pays for this haves too much money.
but just because i can post it, i post it.

 commissions rules
animated icon
my first animated avatar by Ekairim
this is rather rare to do for me.
it takes me at least 6 pictures to build, so there is some work here.

commissions rules
face pin-ups.
Sketches by Ekairim
sketches of face only.

sketch is price below.
color ( pencils ) is free on request.
digital line and colors is price x2
 shading / highlights are free on that too.

commissions rules
comic's pages.
MA event gate of souls part 2 by Ekairim
the messenger p2 by Ekairim
why Cy never works with girls by Ekairim
commission story of yabuki p1 by Ekairim
price depends on requirements.

price below is standard.
price is done per page, i can do 6 pictures or 4 pictures per page ( or less, no more than 6 )


sketch- price X1
colored pencil - price x 2
colored digital - price x 5
when asking to do digital colors with shading and highlights and all the sh*t .. price x8
because it will be require me to stretch out my brain and my willingness. 

commissions rules
digital drawing
National holiday Belgium 2015 by Ekairim
Darksoul Mega Evolution by Ekairim
Dragon of gold by Ekairim
digital art is still difficult for me, mostly because i have to make this with a mouse that double clicks all the time.

payment per character.
background counts as taking a extra character
shading and highlights are counted as taking a extra character.

commissions rules
line art.
lineart of Ekairim by Ekairim
why i am not so active anymore ( read ) by Ekairim
That Is A Big Fish By by Ekairim
line art, most digital and pencil combined.
payment per character as usual + background.

commissions rules
pencil colored
simple colors with color pencils.
payment per character + background.
shading / highlights is something i normally do not use, but i can give it a try for free.

commissions rules
Sketch pencil
for Byzance123 by Ekairim
happy birthday Brack! 2016 by Ekairim
my 'not so' valentine 2016. by Ekairim
work with a single pencil. sketching and finishing with a thicker line.
this is rather easy for me to make so it is rather cheap.
payment per character + background.

first character. for people who watched me for longer then 1 month, 1 extra free character on request.

commissions rules


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to make art everywhere

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i always had a small problem of keeping track what character of mine is shipped / coupled with a character from another person. so i think it is time i made this journal and tell you lads out there how i go about when it comes to shipping with my characters.

generally, these are some guidelines i take in, also i need to have a list that is up-to-date for myself.
i will put my characters in 5 category's, depending on how much i use them or their backstory and therefore their availability.

also big topic first
Kids- yes you can make children with the couples you have with my OC's but this is something i would not do without concern. it have happened before to me that i shipped a character with someone, created a child for them and later see them shipping their character away with someone else... it kinda sucks if you go that for as making a kid for the 2. so in general i will avoid making them. ( this is not a "no" but a "i want to warn you" )

1st- Persona's
contains-     Ekairim,    Tails,      Darksoul. 
status-        single,       taken,    taken 
Availability- not possible, these are personas of myself and my brother and sister. unless you steal the heart of my sister, brother or me these are not for grabs.
requirements- start relations with real life person who they represent.

2th- Main Characters.
Contains-    Saim-Kurom,    Kai,        Kay.
Status-       Single              Single    Single
Availability- available for been shipped and coupled. but these are my most favorite characters to use around, so expect them to be not easy grabs.
requirements- both artists must make a deviation of any kind of both characters in love with each other,
                    at least 1 rp with the characters be done.
                    be active on DA at least once every 2 to 3 months.

3th- Side Characters
Contains- Ealain,     Elaith,    Kurnous,     Cy,         Alex,       Icha,     Morai-heg,     Rhiantha,     Silver,     Tom.
Status-    Single         Single        Single        Single    Single       Single  not known     not known   single        single
Availability- available. i use them here and there but not all the time. so they do come up regularly.
requirements- a single roleplay and 1 drawing of ether one of the artists that they are together, nothing more required then to check in once a year or so?

4th- almost unused Characters
Contains- Eshairr, Lileath, Thirana, Kayvaan, Kenai, Athelnil, Yngir, Ynnead, Thirena, Shade, Anaris, Gea   , Vallar, Mike, Alexia, Sslyth,  Furne,  Winter,    Ignis.
Status-    single,  Single,  single,   single,     single, single,   single, single, single,    single, single,  single, single, single, single, single, taken, not known, single
Availability- available and rather willingly, they are characters i created and almost never use, just for the love of making a bunch of characters i think?
requirements- a short rp or a drawing with agreement of both artists. these ones are easy to pick as i almost never use them unless requested or when i feel to take something different. it could also go if you just ask nicely ;)

5th- nearly impossible to ship.
Contains-    Kealish Ra,    Nikolai,    Archer,    Regina Sanguinis.
status-        Single,         Single,     Single,    Single
Availability- yes you can get a ship/couple with one of these. but please READ THEIR STORY FIRST currently no link yet but just go to their art in my gallery and read the stuff. most of it is pretty dark or they are just such characters that love is not in their interest. making a ship with one of these is a challenge which you have to be dedicated to if you want to succeed.
Requirements- a damn miracle to convince me.

comment when fav plz
fly safe~



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